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Undergraduate Major in Plant Biology: Horticulture/Turfgrass Management Option

Why Study Turfgrass Management?

The green industry has grown tremendously over the past decade, and with this growth comes an increased demand for college-educated graduates who have a four-year degree, specializing in turf management. The Horticulture-Turf Industry educational option leads to a B.S. degree in Plant Biology at Rutgers University. This degree will help prepare students for employment as a golf course superintendent, sports field manager, lawn and landscape professional, sod producer, or for employment in allied fields within the green industry. The research option in plant science prepares students to continue their education towards an advanced degree in turf, such as a Master of Science or Ph.D.

We have world-renowned professors and professionals working in Turfgrass Science. There are more than two dozen faculty members at the School of Environmental Biological Sciences working in this field. These educators and researchers bring a wide range of expertise and experience to the classroom that sets Rutgers University apart from other institution of higher education in the field of Turfgrass Science.

Our excellent reputation with green industry corporations, golf course superintendents, and sports field managers provides an extensive source of paid student internships that are available to our students. We are also proud to make available more than $90,000 in turfgrass scholarships each year to deserving students.

Why Rutgers University?

  • World Class Turfgrass program with expertise in Turfgrass breeding, genetics, entomology, management, molecular biology, pathology, physiology, soil science, and weed science.
  • Scholarship opportunities (More than $90,000 awarded to Turfgrass students annually).
  • Summer Internships and job placement through faculty and alumni contacts in the green industry.

What's in the Undergraduate Degree?

Turfgrass Management program is in plant biology department at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS), New Brunswick, NJ. Students major in Plant Science, with option in Horticulture & Turf Industry.

Undergraduate classes dedicated in Turfgrass Management/Science include:

  • Soil Management for Sports and Landscape Applications
  • Turfgrass Irrigation, Math, and Equipment
  • Turfgrass Management
  • Turfgrass Pest Science

Where Are Classes Held?

Students take general (Intro) classes on any of the Rutgers–New Brunswick campuses (including the College Avenue, Busch, Livingston, George H. Cook, and Douglass). Busing is available to all members of Rutgers University at no additional expense.

Most plant science and turfgrass classes are in Foran Hall on the George H. Cook Campus. Other teaching and research is done at the Ralph Geiger Turfgrass Education Center and three turf research farms. Rutgers has the largest breeding collection of cool-season turfgrasses in the world and our research farms serve as outdoor classrooms, providing students with unparalleled hands-on experience.

Student Summer Internships and Job Opportunities After Graduation

Students majoring in the Turfgrass Program can spend summers working in the turfgrass industry or with Rutgers faculty (on our research farms and/or in our laboratories) through Internships.

Rutgers faculty and staff maintain excellent relationships with many private industry companies, sports facilities, and golf courses throughout the U.S. and around the world that can provide students with unique and exciting internship and job opportunities before and after graduation.

A few examples of where are students have interned or are currently employed:

  • Fenway Park
  • Augusta National Golf Club, GA
  • Other US Resort Golf Courses
  • Syngenta
  • College Sports Facilities
  • Minor League Baseball Stadiums
  • St. Andrews Golf Club, Scotland
  • Scots Miracle-Gro Company
  • Bayer Crop Sciences
  • University Research Facult
  • Red Bulls Soccer Arena
  • Baltusrol Golf Club, NJ
  • Monsanto
  • Turfgrass Seed/Supply Companies
  • Lawn Care & Landscape Companies

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Finacial Aid

Rutgers University offers scholarships, grants, student employment, loan information, and tuition payment plans. More than $90,000 scholarships for turfgrass students are awarded each year.

Application Info and Process at: Students interested in the Turfgrass Program should choose to enroll at The School of Environmental and Biological Sciences (SEBS). And, be sure to let Dr. Honig know when you apply so he can monitor your application.